Are you in your own way?

Many people have a long list of reasons to explain why they’re not doing what they love, but few of them objectively examine their reasons and look for underlying fears. The reality is that there’s a hidden fear behind every imagined limitation, including sickness. As much as we may be tempted to blame other people or outside circumstances for our current condition in life, sooner or later we realize that we attract and create our own limitations. And while that may be a humbling reality, it’s also an inspiring one.

Since we attract or create our own limitations, we can also break through them – not by repressing, ignoring, or denying them, but by learning to love them. Because anything we don’t love runs us and inhibits our inspired actions with fear. Our limitations represent all the aspects of ourselves and others that we haven’t learned to love and appreciate yet. So each time we take an honest look at a limit or a block, we give ourselves an opportunity to love and to reach a higher level of awareness.

Every one of us has the creativity and ability necessary to rise above our own limitations. But sometimes the limitations feel comfortable, and the idea of achieving our dreams frightens us, and that’s when we’re most tempted to sabotage our own efforts.

When we permit fear to make decisions for us, our self-worth plummets.

Since we’re human, we’re guaranteed to experience discomfort. In fact, feeling uncomfortable is a wonderful gift. It tells us with certainty about an area or situation in our lives that we have yet to learn to love. We can look at our worries and discomforts as the rungs on a ladder that leads to our inspired dream. Each time we grasp the next rung, we learn to love something new, and we’re one step closer to our goal!