Depression – it affects us all at varying times through our lives. What are some of the causes for it, and how might it be managed?

Depression is a comparison of our current reality. A belief that we can have health without disease. Happiness without sadness. Harmony without conflict. Heaven without Hell. One without the other is a delusion. A one-sided fantasy, infatuation, or unrealistic expectation we are attached or addicted to.

We begin to get depressed when we start saying to ourselves; “I should”, “I ought to”, “I’m supposed to” and “I’ve got to, have to or must do.”

Trying to live according to someone else’s values, not your our own, leads to the ABCD’s of negativity. Anger and aggression; Blame and betrayal; Crisis and conflict; Despair and depression. A life of frustration of Monday morning blues, Wednesday hump day, thank God it’s Friday, for week freaking ends. It requires a lot of motivation to keep us going.

Everyone lives by a hierarchy of values. And our lives show the top three. Things that are most important to least important. Things that are most important to us, need no motivation. We’re inspired, and can’t wait to go and do it. These are the things we say we “love to,” “choose to,” “desire to,” or “want to” do. Things that are low on our hierarchy of values, we procrastinate or hesitate over, and may try to avoid.

Our values are as unique to us as our finger prints. No two people have the same set.

If you’re not sure what your top values are, answer these simple questions to get a clearer idea.

  • What do I fill my time, space and energy with?
  • What do I spend my money on?
  • Where am I most organised and disciplined?
  • What do I think, talk and visualise most?
  • What do I speak about that inspires me and what are my goals?

Being aware of and living your life according to your top values: Not someone else’s: Should result in more “love to’s”, “choose to’s”, “desire to’s”, or “want to’s” in your life.