You can’t be lifted up by anyone or anything any higher than you’re willing to lift yourself up.

You can’t be put down by anyone or anything any lower than you’re willing to put yourself down.

No one will lift you up any higher than yourself.

No one will put you down any lower than yourself.

When people praise and reprimand us, they’re only providing us with the opinion and perceptions of our actions. Only if they reflect our own opinions can other people’s opinions have the power to make us feel good or bad. We decide how we feel and our feelings are based on our values.

Many people go through life trying to receive praise and avoid reprimand. To them, other people’s opinions define their own self-worth. But those who live their lives listening to the guidance of their hearts and souls realize that they must be true to themselves regardless of other’s opinions of them.

True self-worth stems from within, and when we’re focused on an inspired purpose, neither praise nor reprimand can bump us off our course.

By being truly humble and honest with our self, we unveil our true potential and express our greatest self-worth.

When we do what we love and love what we do, we experience the feeling of true worth and magnetically attract the people, places, things, ideas, and events that can help us fulfil our purpose in life.

Our true worth is directly proportionate to our gratitude for- and unconditional love of- life.

What we feel thankful for heals.