What we believe and what we say to ourselves has a tremendous impact on what happens to us, and what kind of life we will lead. We are the creator of our own destiny, we write the script of our life with every thought, so why don’t we feel we’re on purpose, doing what we love and loving what we do?

If we don’t define our dream we will become part of someone else’s dream. Anyone of these seven fears can inhibit us from striving towards our dream.

They are:

  1. The fear of losing loved ones or those we feel dependent on.
  2. The fear of losing or not making enough money.
  3. The fear of not being smart enough – that we don’t have the
  4. The fear that we don’t have the right body, looks, profile or health.
  5. The fear of rejection by society if we go ‘after it’, that it may be deemed as silly or stupid by others.
  6. The fear of failure– that we may not be successful at it, like when we’re around people we think have more success than us.
  7. The fear of not living up to some spiritual authority’s belief system – the breaking of morals & ethics.


Sometimes the idea of achieving our dreams actually frightens us, and that’s when we’re most vulnerable in allowing one or more of those seven fears to immobilize our own inspiring efforts.


Human behaviour specialist and bestselling author, Dr. John Demartini says, “If you don’t fill your life with what you do love, it becomes filled with what you don’t.”


Doing what we love is the key to fulfilling our purpose.

Our primary purpose is to follow our inspirations and fulfil what we love.


Every dream has its price and reward. When we’re inspired by our purpose, we’re willing to pay the price and accept the pain and pleasure of self-discipline.

Just as food is nutrition for our bodies, our thoughts are nutrition for our minds. Revising our thoughts changes our lives, because our consciousness attracts and keeps alive what we think about and believe. When we focus on our inspirations and focus our thinking in the direction of our desired goals, we pave the way for great achievement.

We are designed to do what we love.


Studies have shown that on average, more than 50% of the thoughts we have are self-disapproving. It’s no wonder then, that we find it challenging at times to make healthy, and inspiring changes to our lives, and more difficult still, to achieve our dreams and goals.


When we focus our minds on fear and doubt, we sabotage our chances for achievement. When we focus our minds on our plans of action, we programme ourselves for success.

“The Pain of Regret is far Greater Than the Pain of Self-Discipline.” – Nathan Whitley

Every one of us possesses the ability, and creativity necessary to rise above our limitations.


Whose dream are you part of?