Every loving wish is possible, but we need to invest more than a few coins in a fountain if we want to make our inspired dreams and wishes come true. The reality is that we’re meant to devote ourselves to our inspirations. That’s precisely our purpose in life.

But for some reason, we don’t always believe that we deserve to live our dreams, so instead of reaching for the stars, which is our destiny, we cling to our illusions and settle for mediocrity.

We don’t have to settle for anything less than what we would love. Only illusory fears stand in our way, and actions with gratitude dissolve fear as light permeates darkness.

Inspired dreams are the driving force of all great acts and deeds.

You’re Destined to Make Your Inspired Dreams Come True.

To fulfil your dreams you must be willing to sacrifice your illusions.

When you follow your inspired dreams, you attract into your life the people, places, things, ideas and events that can make your loving wishes possible.

Your inspired dreams are the lifeblood of your heart and soul. They’re your reason for being. When you follow this inner guide and pursue your dreams, you’re destined to succeed. By obeying the wisdom of your heart and soul and taking action, you transform your dreams into tangible reality.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.

Are you navigating without a clear direction? Your best chance of ending up where you want to be is to know precisely where you’re going. While many people know this intuitively, few people actually practice it in their daily lives.

You already know the essence of the dream in your heart, but you may not know that you know it.

Following the dream in our heart is like following the yellow-brick road to OZ. We’re bound to meet adversity along the way, maybe even a wicked witch or two, but we’ll face challenges like these no matter which road we take. And since no matter what we do, we’re guaranteed to experience both pain and pleasure in our life, we might as well choose the path that offers the most fulfilment and ultimately the most enlightenment.