“My son who is 21 told me that he was depressed and felt that he was going nowhere with his counselling. I suggested Geoffrey to him. My son had 5 sessions with Geoffrey who worked wonders with him. The young man is no longer depressed and has started Uni.”

Carlos B. Nov. 2014

“I had held on to long term anger and frustration towards my Biological Father because he wasn’t around much during my childhood years, and because of this belief I often felt empty and continued to hold on to emotional charges about my Dad punishing both him and myself in the process, which at times caused me to feel even more frustrated, angry and resentful”. “This then also perpetuated cycles of shame and guilt”.

“Geoff’s skilful application of the Demartini Method® allowed me to equilibrate my perceptions bringing my many lopsided persona perceptions back into balance and allowing me to see a higher order to the events that had occurred throughout my life, which in turned gave me appreciation for those events, allowing me to open my heart and experience true gratitude for those moments”. Thank you Geoff.”

Michael B. - NZ Aug. 2014


“Before I spoke to Geoff I hated the fact that my dad died and left me all alone. I was angry, never wanted to express my feelings and always had bad feelings and regret.”

“Now I don’t feel anger, that things happen for reasons, and after all I have been through, there is so many benefits. I have grown stronger, I’m not angry any more. Lost a lot of hate and realised there is ‘good and bad’, now see things in a better light.”

Megan C. 2010


“I’ve personally witnessed Geoff work with people of all ages whose lives have been impacted by some form of traumatic event. His skills as a facilitator have brought his clients to a point of confidence, self-belief and appreciation. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Tanya C. Apr. 2020

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