Bullying needn’t impact your life to the point where you’re powerless.


Someone in your life pushing you around? A bully? It is, to a certain extent, partly due to you not guiding or governing, an area of your own life. You’re often challenged in that area. This may be due to fear, guilt or shame.

Bullying can come in many forms. For example, someone might humiliate, bait or torment you. Or they might intimidate, attack, dominate, or ridicule you. Even tease, embarrass, shame or defame you. Or, people may harass, torment, mock, deride, shun, taunt or strong-arm you. Even pick on, beat up, insult, trick, persecute, oppress. Browbeat, slander or put down, shut out or resort to torture.

Personal challenges, circumstances, or significant life events impact our emotional well-being. Every human being experiences personal challenges, circumstances or a significant life event. These events may be the trigger for a mental health issue.

If you don’t empower yourself, the tormenter keeps coming back.

Remember, any area of your life you don’t empower, someone else will over power.

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